As a researcher, my work spans from discovery to prototype mockups to recommending and running research to discussing options with stakeholders for future development. Below is a sampling of completed work for various clients. 

Workflow Analysis

Tasked with creating a new information tool for staff, initial discovery research was conducted to understand current processes as well as features and future business needs. Since messages need to be approved by various people, future possible process workflows were mapped for product owner approval. The application approval feature was built based on these workflow diagrams. 

Pulse Approver Process Flow.jpeg

Payment Processing Personas

For work with this worldwide payment processor, learning more about the people who interact with the company was key. These personas were used to develop stories about each type of person so that stakeholders were able to knowlegeably speak to experiences and create business goals to improve processes. 

Hospitality Dynamics

This worldwide hospitality group wanted to revamp the current dashboard to improve sales calls. Key items discovered were that China uses the current tools differently than Europe and North America, bandwidth and server capacity needs to be upgraded across regions, and screen real estate needs to be redesigned to include modularity for people to self-adjust for each call.